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AQUACER © is a hydrophilic coating transparent and permanent. Contact angle with water can be between 20° and 30°.

Hydrophilic treatments are not all the same. The same treatment can be finely tuned to guarantee the best quality at the best price. To create an effective and efficient plasma coating we can work on percentage and kind of gasses, precursors, power, potential, pressure, we can modulate temperature, pression, deposition rate, surface inherent tension and internal stress and so on… An effective plasma treatment it is not the application of some simple chemical but the result of years of experience and expertise. Antec Finiture S.r.l. develop and applies plasma coatings and treatments since 1999, therefore we can offer you always the best solution at the best price.

Aquacer © advantages

Aquacer © is a low pressure, low temperature plasma hydrophilic coating suitable for many materials.

Its features make it useful in a very wide range of applications. This hydrophilic permanent layer helps with paintings, gluing and bonding and, because the water tends to form a thin film instead of drops, Aquacer also prevents fog formations on lenses and reduce energy and time needed to dry the treated surface.

Aquacer features are:

  • High wettability, low contact angle (between 20° and 30°)
  • Easier bonding, painting, gluing
  • It is a coating, permanent, not just a treatment.
  • Finely tunable to reach the best cost/effect ration
  • No drops but a thin water film. No fog, quicker and easier drying
  • Nanometric thickness

Aquacer © applications

Aquacer © is used in a wide range of fields.

  • Automotive
  • Domestic appliances
  • Medical
  • Optic
  • Toys
  • Electronics

Common applications

  • Cuvette, sampling glass
  • Sensor
  • Ink dispenser
  • Rollers for printing
  • Dishwasher cutlery baskets and dryer components
  • Control panel and display

A lot of plastics (ABS, PC, PE, PEEK, PP, PA, PPS) can reach an angle contact with water between 20° and 30°, facilitating paints and glues adhesion.

Hydrophilic effect is permanent, preventing also fog formation and facilitating drying.

Technical data:

Basic properties
Water contact angle20° < angle < 30°
Surface tensionBetween 54 and 6 mN/m
Process temperature20 – 60 °C
Possible substratesplastics (ABS, PC, PE, PEEK, PP, PA, PPS), elastomers, metals, ceramics, glass
Chemical stabilitystable against acids and organic solvents