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ANTEC FINITURE S.r.l. was born in 1999 as a Partner of ANTEC GMBH of Frankfurt that had already been for some years developing innovative vaccum packed covering processes aided by Plasma.

For a few years it was located in the locality of Verbania in the area of the TECNOPARCO on the Maggiore Lake, today the new location site is in Robbiate (LC) which is now definitely independent from the former German Partner.

Founded with one goal in mind to introduce into the Italian market an innovative surfaces covering process , the ANTEC is the first company in Italy to offer a PECVD covering.PECVD. In the year 2004 Antec developed a vaccum packed chromizing process called PEVD that boast costs , as well in economic as in environmental terms, definitely well below the galvanized chroming; by using less energy and by omitting the use of the pollutant known as Chromium.

ANTEC is Italy’s exclusive agent for PLASMA ELECTRONIC GmbH di Neuenburg (D), of Neuenburg (D), a leader in the production of machinery for the PEVD process.

Quality coverings, technical competency, attention and care to the client’s concerns and our flexibility , is what characterizes our way of doing business


Just to mention a few of these, we operate in areas where there is a research for characteristic of surface harness , low coefficient of friction, anti-corrosion in acid and alkaline environments, scratch resistant, anti- adhesion, anti-sticking, anti-fingerprinting and biocompatibility.

Some of the most important areas of application are: genetic mechanical components, machinery for plastic materials, textile machinery, automotive, bikes and motorcycles, household electric appliances, bathroom accessories and water taps, costume jewellery, kitchen utensils, surgical instruments and objects for design.