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SILITEC © is a SiOx transparent glasslike coating obtained by PECVD, high energy plasma in vacuum chamber, low temperature.
Not all SiOx coatings are the same. The same coating can be obtained with different recipes and process. The parts to be coated are a piece of the process, their position in the chamber, the holder design, are important to reach not just the best price but also the best quality. Other than this, to create an effective and efficient DLC coating we can work on percentage and kind of gasses, precursors, power, potential, pressure, we can modulate temperature, pression, deposition rate, surface inherent tension and internal stress and so on… A SiOx coating is not the application of some simple chemical but the result of years of experience and expertise. Antec Finiture S.r.l. develop and applies plasma coatings and treatments since 1999, therefore we can offer you always the best solution at the best price.

SILITEC © advantages

SILITEC © is a glasslike coating suitable for many application. Here is main features

  • Transparent
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Effective against corrosion and oxidation
  • Can resist almost any acid or base
  • Homogeneous
  • Hardness 800Hv
  • Thin film

SILITEC © field of application

SILITEC © this are the main application on the market at the moment:

    • To preserve metal components from oxidation and corrosion
      • Automotive
      • Domestic appliances
      • Aerospace
      • Medical
      • Food and drug
    • To preserve plastic from UV rays
      • Automotive
      • Aerospace
    • Scratch resistance improvement on plastic (displays and optical devices)
      • Electronic components
      • Automatic vendor machine
    • Electrical insulation
      • Magnetic controllers and sensors

Technical data:

Process gas:Inert, silyl ethers, Oxygen
Max process temperature:max. 120 °C
Thickness:1000 to 5000 nm
Hardness min:800 Hv
Refractive index:1,4 to 1,6
Type of treatment:Modified quartz
Structure:X-ray amorphous
Chemical resistance:Can resist almost any acid, base, UV rays