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Lipocer © is an anti-sticking, hydrophobic, flexible, permanent coating.

This hydrophobic anti-sticking coating is widely used on rubber (seals, elastomers, O-rings etc.) but also on metal nozzles  (valves, flow controllers etc.)

Appreciated on the market for its great cost-effectiveness, suitable to substitute fluoropolymers, Lipocer © is an homogeneous coatings with a very low surface tension, clean and extremely effective in reducing friction coefficient and adhesion. It is widely used to reduce  the formation of deposits in nozzles, to reduce and guarantee opening time in valves, to make cleaning a lot easier.

Sticking phenomenon in valves is caused by many factors: rubber micro porosity, deformation, contamination, humidity, solvation, corrosive gas formation, rubber exudation and many others.

In all of those scenarios Lipocer can help reduce or eliminate the sticking. Lipocer imposes itself on the market as the most cost effective and performative anti-sticking coating solution thanks its low costs, quality, resistance, elasticity and repeatability

Lipocer is not just a chemical substances, it is the product of a process, so Lipocer is adjustable and can be finely tuned in term of thickness, hardness, elasticity. Our more than twenty years of experience in fine tuning this coatings make us the perfect partner to find you the best cost effective solution, even if it is not the first time you try a plasma coating.

Not all anti-sticking solution are the same . The same coating, even Lipocer, as sold by our competitors, can be obtained with different recipes and process. The parts to be coated are a piece of the process, their position in the chamber, the holder design, are important to reach not just the best price but also the best quality. Other than this, to create an effective and efficient DLC coating we can work on percentage and kind of gasses, precursors, power, potential, pressure, we can modulate temperature, pression, deposition rate, surface inherent tension and internal stress and so on… A Lipocer coating is not the application of some simple chemical but the result of years of experience and expertise. Antec Finiture S.r.l. develop and applies plasma coatings and treatments since 1999, therefore we can offer you always the best solution at the best price.

Lipocer © advantages

Lipocer is a PECVD hydrophobic coating with this features:

  • Very thin and homogeneous
  • Very low surface tension
  • Hydrophobic
  • Uniform
  • Very low temperature deposition
  • Permanent and stable in time
  • Do not affect geometry

On rubber, Lipocer is the most valuable and clean alternative to talc, molykote, silicon, chlorine, fluoropolymer, all the ways to reduce friction, avoid sticking, adhesion, either for applications or just for automatic assembly and quality control.

Lipocer © fields of application

Lipocer © is suitable for many application:

  • One of the best coating for rubber (O-ring, membranes, seals, co-molded etc.) elastomer and rubber can benefit of Lipocer in many ways
  • Excellent even on metals (Nozzles, needles, blades, SMT and PCB stencil, dosing systems)
  • Automatic assembly and automatic sorting are speed up if the parts are Lipocer coated, plus no downtime for cleaning the machines.
  • Reduce  and guarantee opening time in valves, even at -40 °C
  • Nozzles stay clean
  • Avoiding limestone deposition
  • Protect elastomer for aging, even against UV
  • Ease

Together with our ware resistant coatings, also Lipocer increase the reliability of parts and components, increasing lifetime and performances, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Technical data

Process gas:Inert, H2, O2, silyl ethers
Max process temperature:50 °C
Thickness:30 nm to 500 nm
Surface tension:< 30 mN/m
Type of treatment:Glasslike polysiloxane
Structure:X-ray amorphous
Coating composition:aSiCOH
Chemical resistance:Can resist almost any acid and base