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What is  Clearprotect © 3D Barrier Coating?

It is a barrier coating for food and drugs trays.

This coating can be applied after thermoforming and molding, the trays can ben coated right before usage as the process also sterilize the trays.

Clearprotect © 3D Barrier Coating is a very innovative products

  • Effective barrier against oxygen, humidity, aromatics
  • It prevent the food to enter in contact directly with plastics
  • Totally inert, does not affect food and drugs in any way
  • It increase shelf life of food and drugs and beverages
  • Transparent
  • Nanometric
  • Can be recycled together with plastics

Clearprotect © 3D Barrier Coating can be applied on PP and HDPE

Technical data:

Basic properties
Oxygen transmission rate (OTR)< 1 cm3/m2/day(0.21 bar)
Process temperature30 – 50 °C
Possible plasticsHD-PE, UHMW-PE, PP, PET, PS, PLA, PC, SAN
Chemical stabilitysyable against, acids and organic solvents
Approvable (FDA, EU) forfood packaging, drug packaging